Giant Steps Foundation®

Take Action - Be Active - Make a Difference

The Giant Steps Foundation supports a broad range of partners and organizations working toward our mission:

To create a kinder, gentler, and healthier world for all living creatures.

At the core of our work at the Foundation is our philosophy that all living creatures deserve a healthy planet to live on, a respectful, nurturing environment to live in, and a valued, empowered journey through life.

We focus on three areas which help define our philanthropic work and direct our grantmaking strategies:

Animal Rescue and Wildlife Advocacy

Support from Giant Steps strengthens efforts to provide fulfilling lives for animals through education, adoption, foster homes, and sanctuary. We support policy and advocacy efforts to advance progress in protecting animals and provide direct care for animals at rescue facilities, wildlife sanctuaries, and homeless animal shelters.
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Environmental Preservation and Education

Giant Steps seeks to promote a range of environmental issues to help reduce and minimize impact on our fragile planet, while supporting environmental education and awareness opportunities.

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Human Health, Fitness, and Empowerment

With emphasis on the physical and emotional health issues affecting women and girls and the unempowered, Giant Steps promotes better and more health resources and opportunites; supporting educational initiatives and advocacy for public policy affecting these health issues.

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